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Release Day—(Un)Masked

I wondered how today would feel. Release day is always exciting, but I’ve never had a re-release day. (Un)Masked original release back in August ’12. Back then I had no idea what to expect, but I was excited. Being new and not knowing what to do, my unrealistic exceptions of success were not met. That didn’t, however, dampen my enthusiasm for the moment. (Un)Masked will always be special to me. Especially because of how it came…

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Be My Friend

As an author, everything reminds me of something I read or saw.  The open scene of The Godfather, by Mario Puzo, starts with a distraught father asking Don Corleone for a “favor.” That didn’t sit so well with the Don, because as he points out, Signor Bonasera never came to him in friendship before asking for a favor. To get what he wanted, Signor Bonasera asked Don Corleone, “Be my friend. . .  Godfather.” Now it might seem odd…